Design Research
Yona Friedman’s architectural principles are bound to the expression of freedom in an abstract sense by permitting randomness and accepting the impossibility of making any predictions. Visualizing structures covering objects and landscapes, occupying cracks and unused spaces he intends to devoid rules in favor of randomness. Thus always creating structures that are repeatable and yet unpredictable. The installation seeks to give an impression on how Friedman’s principles can be interpreted, with one of his items of study as a starting point: the tetrahedron.
During this one-week project fast prototyping processes were vital. Then even faster means of production were necessary to produce the final model. The custom-made parts were laser-cut form MDF and put together on site. The final model depicts Friedman’s design principles and makes the visitor experience the repeating and yet unpredictable principle.
Team: Malte von Stein and Paul Jürgens - Köln International School of Design
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